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Many media reported that a fire broke out at a natural gas plant under the Indian Petroleum Corporation in the Navi Mumbai area, about 50 kilometers away from Mumbai, at about 7 a.m. that day. The police sealed off an area within one kilometer of the fire

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The 20th of this month is the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon by American astronauts. The US plans to "return to the moon" before 2024 and send astronauts to Mars in 2033.tnesspals. Clicktoexpand...""Hi, Gosbill, data

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As part of the agreement, we agreed to pay a fine of $5 billion. But more importantly, we are making some major changes to how to better provide services and operate the company. This will require us to invest a lot of resources to build a set of tools th

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Mathematically speaking, every number will occupy an opportunity anywhere on the chart, and you will first determine that some numbers are within the normal probability range. However, this is an interesting concept. The problem may be that the resulting

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As it may appear suddenly, a persons name is found under the limited liability company, thus forming a scam. Unidentified employee, only bought winnin"Remember the British girl who won £1 million (10 million at the time) at the age of 17? The la

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