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Really dizzy! Indian goat faces 2 years in prison for trespassing in someone's garden. A goat in Chhattisgarh, India has repeatedly ran to the garden of the local county magistrate Roth to steal food. Although the gardener has repeatedly warned the owner of Hasan to strictly manage it, the situation of flowers and vegetables being eaten has not improved. Therefore, one person and one sheep are arrested by the police and may be sentenced to 2 to 7 years in prison by the court. According to a report by "NDTV", the assistant deputy inspector of the local police station Srivastava revealed that the goat was actually a "recidivist," and he had jumped over the iron gate of a small bungalow with a roof and balcony and invaded the judge's house; in addition, " "Suspects" would eat all the flowers and vegetables as long as they broke into the gardens of other people's homes. After receiving the report, the police arrested Hassan and the goats for "unlawful intrusion" and "injury", but the judge was understanding everything. After hearing the case and hearing the arguments of both parties, a judgment will be made at another date.

On 7th March, a new lottery began on Jersey. It is the second such lottery for the channel island and will run in competition to the other well-established lottery the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery. There will be a monthly draw and the top prize will be £100,000 with a number of small prizes cascading down depending on how many numbers are correctly chosen. Like the UK National Lottery, players must pick six numbers from a choice of 36. Island Lotto, the organisers say that 15% of proceeds will go to good causes on the island from the game called “Jackpot 6”.

"India Express" quoted Modi as saying that scientists said that the new crown virus will become a part of our lives for a long time, but we must not let the virus confine our lives. We can wear masks and maintain social distancing, but we can't let it affect us too much. Therefore, before May 18, I will announce the new regulations on the blockade.

So I started to collect data on Lotto6/49 and use Igave for training. Everyone at least didn't know how I would think of it and it attracted a certain amount of attention (especially the statistical use of such annoying subjects). Then with Excel, I spent a lot of time developing my skills in the program and reinvested in learning.

Speaking at an event in his home district, Malik said if the Centre gives legal guarantee of the minimum support price (MSP) for crops, farmers will relenjanuary 9 powerball winnerst.

"Ask what is love in the world?" The plants and animals are so affectionate, let alone a living person? Affection is the great love in a person’s inner world, kindness to life, compassion for all beings, a cup of mellow wine, a cup of strong tea, nature’s feelings for all things, green and cool, The flowers are soft.

Once he had returned to his village outside of Hyderabad to be with his wife, Padma and his two daughters, he borrowed Rs 20,000 from her to buy three Fantastic 15 raffle tickets. “I had no money when I returned home. But I had this desire to buy the raffle tickets. So I took Rs 20,000 from my wife’s savings and the fortune smiled on me,” said Rikkala, who gave the money to a friend still in the UAE to buy the tickets on his behalf.

It costs about $17.5 million to play the lottery, but the lottery is won, and as a result, some people are winning many winners through the lottery. Other than that, no one would give up the jackpot-maybe someone took the money.

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